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Black Books: Muffin

I feel better than I have done in a while.

The Jobcentre still hasn't sorted my money out, but I've had some good news on the job front. I've been asked to go to a group interview at Asda on Wednesday. I've applied there twice before and been rejected right out, so I'm hopeful. It's only a temporary position but it'd be money and experience. I've been reading up on the group interviews and I'm quite nervous - people have been asked to role play, build things, etc. As well as Asda, another place contacted me asking when I'm available for interview.

In non-job related news, I had a brilliant day out today in Chester with my friend. I found a sweet shop that sells grape and strawberry Nerds - I haven't seen them in years! I also picked up a couple of cheap books and one not so cheap (but very interesting) book about England before the Norman conquest.

Also, because they've been making me chuckle recently...


Bloody job centre! Good luck with the interviews!

Love the icon btw, Black Books rules :)