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My access to the internet has been severely curtailed over the last few weeks because of a broken laptop cable. My mum has a laptop but I don't like to interfere too often with her Facebook addiction. Thankfully my new cable has finally arrived ( just tracking one down was a nightmare) and I have my beloved laptop back again.

I'm (mostly) enjoying the work at mum's place, which is good because it looks like I might be working there through January now. I love having money and I'm happy to be working but I miss being at home. Still, I'll be home over Christmas (and I have big plans for Christmas, particularly in the baking department) and New Year before coming back in January (if that even happens).

There is one incredibly annoying thing about being here. I've been ill on and off for the past couple of months, and during a particularly bad bout I had to leave work and book an appointment with the GP I was registered with before I moved up north. She said that I need blood tests to find out what's wrong but because I'm not registered at that practice she can't send me for them or do anything for me unless it keeps getting worse. I understand why, but I'm not looking forward to being stuck like this possibly until February.

I've been working my way through Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon. It has a dangerous tendency of sucking me in for fifty pages when I should be sleeping. I'd like to read the other books in the series but I've heard that the quality deteriorates.

Mass Effect 3 and Elder Scrolls V have been announced this weekend. This makes me a very happy bunny. After a lot of swearing at my laptop, I finally managed to watch both trailers. Particularly excited about Mass Effect 3 but I'm sure Skyrim will follow in the Elder Scrolls tradition of sucking me in and stealing hours of my life.

I almost forgot...

A few days after I started work down here, I got a call from Asda offering me the job I'd been interviewed for. Why couldn't they have called me a week earlier?! It was weeks past the time they were supposed to contact me, I'd assumed that I hadn't got it. Annoyance aside, it's a bolster to the confidence to know that I got the job.
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